Thursday, April 20, 2017


O V E R H E R E.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Ahok learned over his lose

Official results of Jakarta gubernatorial election out in May, but Ahok has been give his congratulation speech to his rivals Anies - Sandi. “We still have six months until the new governor is inaugurated and we will finish up our homework," he said. “We hope that in the future everyone can forget the campaign period," he added.

The Straits Times, a Singaporean newspaper, reported: "This has been one of Indonesia's most polarising elections, plagued with street protests and attempted coups against the central government, as well as Basuki standing trial for blasphemy after he was charged for insulting Islam last September."

"His rivals have capitalised on the blasphemy scandal and often played the religion card to score votes against Basuki, who as a Chinese and Christian, is a double minority in a country with the world's most populous Muslim nation."

Asked by Metro TV journalist about things he learned from the election, Ahok: "Next time, I have to control my mouth --on his blasphemy to Islam case--."

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Stole book

Tom's mind was made up now. He was gloomy and desperate. He was forsaken, friendless boy, he said; nobody loved him; when they found out what they had driven him to, perhaps they would be sorry; he had tried to do right and get along, but they wouldn't let him; since nothing would do them but to be rid of him, let it be so; and let them blame him for the consequences--why shouldn't they? What right had the friendless to complaint? Yes, they had forced him to it at last: he would lead a life of crime. There was no choice.


Quoted from The Adventure of Tom Sawyer, a classic book written by Mark Twain. I have two versions, physically in Bahasa and e-book version in English. I've read the book since in junior high school then like it then stole it because don't want others stole the book before me. And never mind to bring it back, until now. I wanted live life like Tom did back then. A rebel kid whose live very wonderful.


Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Tere Liye's good-note to any elections

April 19, Jakartans head to gubernatorial elections. Who-ever wins, don't mean perfect-good than another. On any elections, I always remember to what Tere Liye --Indonesian writer-- wrote in Burlian novel: "The world isn't black and white, Burlian. Its more gray. People's hearts are rarely completely black, and also hard to find people with perfect white heart. Everyone has a weakness, and that's why we often do not always given the best choice. Every time we choose a leader, actually we are not choose the one. Indeed it was only a matter of whether we are willing to be led by A or B or other options."

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Monday, April 17, 2017

Cuban authorities objectives by controlling media

In nationally wide-look, what Cubans authorities done to control all press and even internet reflects to their objectives. We knew that press turned watchdog and first source where public opinions was formed. So the authorities decide to control and reducing chaos possibilities.

Communist press, is a tool to intepret doctrine, implementing policies of party militants. In the system of Communist press, the press doesn't function as an watchdog, report and criticized the Government's rule. The media is state-controlled. The media, was also used as a tool to convey the words from authorities. In addition, the media should also be used as a tool for social change and social control. Mass media activities led by news-agencies of communist party.

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